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Monday, December 10, 2018

They Don't Realize Human Theology Ruins Them

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Human theology puts God in a box. More so this thing they call hermeneutics. I studied hermeneutics just to find out why they put it on a high pedestal and worship it as a god. They say you can't interpret the bible without these two, practically negating the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. If you tell them this, they'd concede a little and say that theology and hermeneutics depend on the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit uses theology and hermeneutics.

Do they? Does HE?

Just look at "contextualization." Why did Jesus cut-short Isaiah 61? Shouldn't he have quoted the whole verse and also mention about proclaiming "the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn," to complete verse 2. In fact, he should've quoted up to verse 3 to complete the work of the Messiah.

Another is the passage on Jesus being God's Son "called out of Egypt" [Matthew 2.15]. But if we get the whole context in Hosea 11, this "son" is about a rebellious and idolatrous son. It's more about Israel than the Christ. So, why quote that passage to refer to Jesus? It's actually "out of context" if we use man's hermeneutics here.

And there are many more examples like that which show how man's hermeneutics and all other tools he invented to understand the bible, are garbage. Man's ways of learning only put God in a box, as it were. In fact, no one in the bible used these trash. What they used was the wisdom of the Holy Spirit which is supernatural and spiritual. They spoke as they heard from God. Period.

Church does not realize how human theology and all its implements ruin it. The more you indulge in them, the farther you drift from God---his spiritual mind and supernatural ways---and get stuck to dead religion and the world and its system, though you claim to be a born-again church. They won't admit it, but church in general is dead today, and it's because church has lost connection with the Head.

See how Jesus operated in the Gospel, and compare that with what church is doing today. They're worlds apart. Pastors preach with sermon outlines, for instance. But Jesus spoke as he heard from the Father. Funny, but some pastors would actually say it's safe to assume that Jesus prepared sermon outlines. Churches cannot worship without a program. In fact, they can't do anything without planning to make yearly programs.

They even have a "discipleship program."

God already has a program for everything completed before the world began. We don't need to plan for programs---we just have to get God's program. God rested on the 7th day. Everything's good as done. He's figured it all out from start to finish. So now he's been resting ever since. All we have to do is get HIS plans and implement. We should join him in his rest, says the book of Hebrews. All who enter God's rest, rest from all their works.

God has made it all simple. It's all in his Word, and all we have to do is meditate it day and night. In short, enjoy it like bread we eat regularly each day. As we meditate, he speaks to us and tells us what he wants. He tells us how to understand his Word. You don't need human theology or hermeneutics or homiletics (or whatever garbage there is that churchy man has invented). All you need is the Holy Spirit who Jesus said will teach us "all things."

What Jesus instituted is discipleship, not bible school or seminary. He trained his apostles everything they needed to know, not through bible schools or seminaries, but solely through his model of discipleship. Imagine, training apostles who would continue his ministry? His first line of successors? He thought discipleship was enough. The proper training was not enroll them in schools, require them to pass the exams and get a degree and diploma.

Nope. God's powerful plan was to teach and train them via discipleship. And that's what the church should do. We should train church leaders through discipleship, exactly the way Jesus did it. Actually, the church has NEVER done this. It has been doing everything except the way Jesus did it. They know that Jesus is the Way, but they follow other ways, even ways of this world.

Well, they have a semblance of discipleship, but it's a program---a dead program, actually. The in-word today is to claim that "discipleship is not a program" yet there they are, buying study materials for discipleship and making it all look very religious. They divide their members into cell groups and assign leaders. The leaders report to their pastor. They call that discipleship.

Oh, and yes, they have discipleship leaders' training first, whatever that is. Leaders need to attend classes on this and get certificates. They think certificates can make a difference.

All this is nothing but spiritual blindness. Garbage. I mean, if they were really important, Jesus would've been the first to do them.

So few in church today know about the Kingdom. All they know is their denominations and their policies and manuals. And they think their denominations are part of the Kingdom. There's no common ground between the world and God. Friendship with the world is enmity against God. Jesus is NOT of this world.

Church should go back to God and learn to hear supernaturally from him. If you take this to heart, God will let you hear his voice. If you prefer to stick to the world, you will never hear from him and would even think hearing from God is just baloney. And I know pastors who think God's supernatural things are nothing but baloney---they mock and laugh at them. All they want is to get more members into their churches, because more members means more money. And they do it using the world's ways.

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