"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gospel of the Kingdom 1: The One Thing Important

The Only Thing Important in Ministry

Jesus came for only one thing. Over the years, as man's churches put a lot of useless add-ons to faith and ministry, this one thing has been blurred and relegated to the far sides---to the backdrop. Sometimes, they even kick it out of the picture for good. But it remains the single most important thing---Jesus Christ came to preach the good news of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom.
"I must proclaim the good news (Gospel) of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.” [Luke 4.43]

The Gospel of the Kingdom. Examining the Gospel (and the Scriptures in general) we find that this Gospel is all about living in the Kingdom NOW through the LIFE of Jesus in us, how to live and operate in it, how to build it on earth, and how to be in its very heart---which is the heart and life of God. That's why we start by becoming his children, being wholly transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light, leaving sin and anything of the world (while in this world), and becoming part of God himself. Being one flesh with him.

After the church shares the Gospel to people, it should seriously do discipleship---Jesus' brand of discipleship (not the discipleship we see in the modern church today). It should teach the Gospel of the Kingdom (its heart and life and ways) which makes believers genuine Kingdom people. They're no longer of this world like Jesus is and live and have their being only in the Kingdom. Like Jesus, they know of no other way, mindset, culture or life but the Kingdom. Jesus is the Way of the Kingdom.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news about him. And the good news is his LIFE. We can live the very same LIFE now and everyday through HIM and live no other life but this. And this life is the light of men. The same with the Gospel or good news of the Kingdom. It's all about Kingdom life. This is good news. I mean, we should be very excited about this and have no other excitement in life than this.

Once you see the Gospel of the Kingdom, you will trash anything of man. You will treat as "menstrual cloth" anything of this world. You will have nothing to do with church denominations---except perhaps display God's Kingdom Life to them so they, too, would be so excited about the Gospel of the Kingdom and throw away anything un-Kingdomly.

Yup, the only meaning in belonging to a denomination is to show believers still trapped there the true LIFE of Jesus and this life makes you part of the one, true church of Jesus. We can show other Christians who are not updated about the Kingdom on earth that the Lord is very serious about perfect unity in the body---that we all become one as the Father and Son are one. Some of us are called to remain in a denomination for a while for this.

Moses escaped out of Egypt. But after 40 years of training in the wilderness, he was sent back to Egypt to show Hebrew slaves there how to get out and reach the Promise Land. Canaan was the real goal, but the Hebrew slaves were trapped into believing they should build for God in Egypt. They didn't want to leave the land of slavery and hated Moses for hinting on it.

Jesus showed freedom in this gospel by living it daily. He did nothing else---especially nothing of what church denominations do today. He didn't evangelize people to make them church members or followed them up later to win them and keep them in his membership list. He didn't try to entertain or please them so they'd go back to him next Sunday. He preached the gospel and totally left them to themselves to decide. That's the nature of the Kingdom.

He always said, "He who has ears to him, let him ear." In short, take it or leave it. That's how heaven operates---which I think no church today does. They all go after people desperately and do a lot more things that Jesus never did and therefore, not of the Kingdom. Well, in these last days this cannot go on anymore. This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached worldwide, and then the end will come, says Matthew 24.

Are you ready for the Gospel of the Kingdom?

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