"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Why God Seems to Only Watch Sufferings

Kristin Vogt
When will suffering end? I watched a video on FB about a "senior" blind dog rescued by dog lovers. At once they did everything to put an end to the dog's suffering. They couldn't bear to see him like that--blind, too weak to eat, infected by disease, dying within days. So they lost no time and rescued him, treated him and did everything to make him feel well.

I smiled, happy for the dog and grateful to the rescuers, though I didn't know them. I thanked God for them and then wondered--wouldn't God do the same thing if you're suffering? Won't it also break his heart to see you suffering and too weak to do anything? Will he not also act immediately--like how the rescuers did--or even faster?

Why do I see many people just suffering continuously? Can God just stand there and watch them? I believe he has all the power to help them, but they just go on suffering. Jesus healed all the sick and showed compassion for them. Yet, today, why do countless people suffer without end? Sometimes, I wonder if he still cares. But I'm sure he does. I'm sure he does. But why the suffering people? (See video of senior, blind dog below)

You may say, God does not do it himself anymore but sends "rescuers" on his behalf. Well, it seems the rescuers sent are too few, and if some people refuse to heed his call to rescue the suffering, why not do it himself? I would imagine a compassionate God doing that--acting immediately because he couldn't stand seeing people suffer. I won't. What more God?

I keep wondering about this, especially in times of sorrows and sufferings, and staring at God, asking him why. But he seems to just stand there and stare back. I'm pretty sure he's compassionate and suffers with the sufferers, but is that enough? Compassion in itself heals emotionally, but we still need material answers to life's problems and physical healing. I'm sure he can do more than all these, in an instant, faster than a speeding bullet, if only he wills. Sometimes I cry, desperately hoping for some answers, to no avail. The people I see suffering still suffers despite my petitions. Why?

Job asked a lot of similar questions but went on suffering just the same. Questions can give you temporary and tiny droplets of satisfaction but are no guarantees. It's a relief finally asking God forbidden questions--it actually makes you closer to him--but the suffering remains. I've asked him a lot about this and he often spoke unquestionably through his Word--and you feel elated each time--but the problems remain unsolved. The bills still remain outstanding. And where's the money for them?

It should be a wonderful thing to have God speak to you and also immediately provide your material needs at the same time. You talk to him about your mounting bills, the medical checkups you need, healing, money for fixing your dilapidated house, cash to replace your son's one and only tattered pants--and then make GOD your refuge and hide in the shelter of his wings.

I do that often. I seek his comfort. But then after the good feeling, I still lack money. I still have to suffer the lack and borrow money again. Isn't it possible to get the spiritual high and also miraculously see money in your bank account out of nothing? I know it is. I'm waiting to see it happen. Like how Abraham just saw a ram with horns caught up in some shrub, suddenly provided, in lieu of Isaac. I'm sure God can do this, if he wills.

The really frustrating thing is when you see the wicked enjoying everything without a sweat, all their needs and wants and caprice provided, and they don't even pray for them.
Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power? 8 They see their children established around them, their offspring before their eyes. 9 Their homes are safe and free from fear; the rod of God is not on them. [Job 21]
Job saw what I see, but what he saw was, of course, worse. But we see how his story ended up happy, with God healing and blessing him twice. The good thing about Job was that he had it very good at the start, interrupted only by Satan's strategies for a season. But after that, he was blessed again. Well, I'm sure it was hard getting over the loss of his first children. The story sounds as if losing kids was as easy as a pastime. It wasn't indicated, but I'm sure Job was so devastated. I would be. And having a new set of kids again wouldn't make up for the loss.

Job's suffering ended and God blessed him a lot more. When will my story make this turn of events?

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