"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, March 11, 2019

Myths about Good Leadership

Good leadership is when things get done. Common sense tells you that--that is, the world's common sense. But not the Kingdom's. Good leadership is not just efficient. You can be a good leader though you don't look efficient--at first. Things looked bad in Jesus' leadership initially--people rejected him, the religious leaders said he was a fake, his own disciples ran from him and some even denied him and betrayed him.

Was that good leadership? Nope, not by the world's standards. To nonbelievers at the time, it was a sorry failure. Resurrection proved that his leadership was right all along, but the world didn't see how Jesus was resurrected in glory. They even thought it was a scam. Even the disciples didn't believe it at first. You cannot judge leadership until God reveals its real standing. Many "poor" church leadership today will probably be judged faithful by God come Judgment Day, and those approved and rewarded by men judged unfaithful.

Just because a leadership is weak and "unfruitful" doesn't mean it's a failure. Power is made perfect in weakness. It's in those times of seeming weakness and inefficiency that something deep within is being perfected and soon birthed in glory--if you understand it and have the right attitude. Character is the fruit God is after. This is the "fruit that lasts"--the Jesus character worked by God in you. This is how the Kingdom operates. Problem is, the church operates with world standards.

Which leads us to another thing--you cannot set formulas for good leadership except what the bible reveals in the life of Jesus. Most certainly, you cannot use corporate standards. I've seen churches set leadership standards using stuffs in marketing based on tangible productivity, actual sales, income, number of customers, competitiveness, etc.

The widow who put two small copper coins in the offering box gave more than the large amounts given by the rich. A little leaven leavens up the whole dough. Faith as small as a mustard seed can throw mountains into the sea. Mary just sitting at Jesus' feet intently listening to HIM as opposed to Martha's efforts and productivity in ministry. You see the Kingdom standard? How can you measure this using corporate standards?

You don't know the power of 5 small loaves and two fish by just using your human eyes or scholarly intellect. How can you measure the potential of ordinary water in 6 jars used merely for washing feet? In God's eyes, this water can turn into the best wine in the world. And the fish that brought the coin for Jesus' and Peter's temple tax payment?

The 5 stones were just kept beside the stream, polished for years by nature. They were dormant for decades--even centuries--just sitting there doing nothing except make themselves available and ready for God's erosive work in them. They freely gave themselves to God's molding. Mere mortal would never see their potential and real worth, probably even brand them useless stones and compare them with stones already in use in palatial structures.

But then the right time came. God led David to pick up these stones specifically, and one of them was instrumental to hitting Goliath on the forehead.

The same process was done to David, raised up far from the limelight as a lowly shepherd and seen as worthless by his brothers. Jesus was also looked down and belittled. Often, we judge "poor" church leadership like that because we don't understand how the Kingdom works. All we understand is how our church denomination operates. To this very day the church struggles with the Kingdom concept of how the least is the greatest.

I saw this post on leadership somewhere:
"Leadership is the capacity to influence conditions and the environment you are in, that would determine the destiny of life in that environment."
- Dr. Myles Munroe
In short, good leadership makes things happen. You judge with your own perception, decide, and make it happen. Yeah, perhaps in the corporate world. But with God you just wait for his leading and while waiting you make yourself usable to him. If the above were applied to God's leadership, then it's correct. But if applied to church leadership, you'd just be building another Babel tower. Big and attractive and effective--yes--but a Babel tower nonetheless. Just wait--God will soon come down and confuse your language.

God's chosen leaders in the bible all waited on him. And they didn't look much to people in their days. They didn't look effective and productive. Moses was always criticized and almost stoned to death. We look at him now and we marvel, but in his days it was different. David and Solomon failed in God's eyes when they started marveling at their own works. David was fond of counting or sizing up his army and Solomon built his palace bigger than God's temple.

But after David failed, God started using him as his Old Testament model of leadership. Queer, isn't it? Being used as model after a grand failure. The performance of the kings in the Old Testament were measured through him. With that, how do you measure good leadership? Well, there's a hint--if that leadership is after God's own heart. It's not in terms of productivity, good results, income, number of people pleased. number of attendees, membership, what or how many programs you have, how popular, how effective, etc.

We should keep sharing God's Word to people and making disciples. Being or remaining small is not the idea here. Neither is being big. Good leadership is not about them. It's about how God sees leadership.

In the Judgement Seat of Christ, we will be shocked what kind of leadership God will honor. It will be those pastors and leaders who are unknown, unpopular, very lowly and meek, almost zero accomplishments, and may even be holding small churches--but whose very person is entirely after God's own heart.

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