"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rich-Poor Believer

Ricardo Esquivel
They scorn rich preachers, but they marvel at riches. I always see church people who honor pastors with big congregations and nice church facilities. And it actually all starts there. Pastors with big churches and large memberships get nice cars and houses because they get fat pay checks and get extra respect and honor compared to those who don't.

The culture and mindset of corruption starts there--when you get respect for your riches, when people bow down to your being materially well off. Material blessings are good--posh house and car, big pays and perks--but everything goes wrong the moment people respect you for them and not for your GOD. If church people respect ministers because of their GOD, then all ministers, small or big, great or common, get equal respect.

I've seen how some churches gave unpopular pastors (and who looked cheap in their old clothes) only P500 as honorarium or "love gift" for speaking in these churches while giving those with titles and degrees and cars and wearing nice suits P5,000. So what most pastors do is do everything to look good so they'd get the P5,000 honorarium. They'd grab every title and degree their hands can lay on. So begins the culture of corruption.

My most earnest dream is to see an anointed man of God with big following living an extremely simple life, refusing no special treatment and seeing himself as no different from other pastors, especially those belittled by the majority. One who wears cheap shirts and jeans to church or conferences even if he's the main speaker, eats at cheap fastfood stores, commutes to and fro and lives in a radically humble home. If you know one please email me ASAP.

I want to see Jesus in this materialistic generation and culture.

I remember when it became a fad (and it still is) to walk "proudly" as a son or daughter of the King, get out of the poverty mentality and start living in royalty. So they all began acting like the rich and famous. They all prayed hard to get a car and a big house they can brag about and travel abroad. They did everything to avoid being the least. They claimed it was the "move of God."

But the idea really in the bible is a rich-poor believer. "Poor" in the sense that the world thinks you are poor (but you're not). Fact is, you're not financially hard up. You have all you need. God even provides supernaturally at times. And you know deep in you that you are rich in God. Your Father owns everything. Jesus was like that. He didn't show his Sonship by bragging about his material possessions but by showing God's life and character in him. That's the true move of God. They thought he was poor. But he fed multitudes and healed them out of nothing. That's genuine Kingdom royalty.

Paul the apostle once mentioned: "...poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything." [2 Corinthians 6.10]. That's the genuine apostle. Church should be devoting itself to this apostolic teaching. We should be apostolic in this sense.

I always wonder why so-called modern apostles and prophets today have to show themselves well off materially. Even some pastors of big churches. They justify this by saying they're blessed. Well, so was Jesus. The true evidence of blessedness is not material possessions or money but God's life and character in you. But church has lost this value system.

You're rich though you don't look like it. You should be proud to be a child of the King. Your confidence should come from the fact that you are God's child. But this is far from being proud or conceited. You should remain meek and simple. The last thing you should do is to be in competition with the rich and famous of this world.

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