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True Holiness Gauge

It's easy to seclude yourself in church ministries and not get involved in the world and "live holy." That was the idea of monasteries where monks lived in mountain seclusion far away from civilization. And they indeed assumed an appearance of holiness. But that's not the true gauge of holiness.
I've seen believers and pastors who looked okay while engrossed in church ministries but went wild with sin when exposed to the real world. Some drowned in greed, others wallowed in lust, fornication, adultery, and other forms of sexual immorality. They didn't have the heart to manage things in the world even while soaked in church ministries. Church attendance or ministries cannot empower you to overcome the world. They just incubate sin, nourishing and growing it in a quiet environment waiting for the right time to explode like a time bomb.
In fact, the church as it is today (the church put up by men for men) is in no position to handle money the way the Acts churc…

No Genuine Righteousness NO Genuine God-Power

I'm astonished at how most "believers" don't get it--that if there's no genuine righteousness, there's no genuine God-power. No matter how well you perform on church stage, how well you lead in worship, how well you lead the church, and how big your church building, membership, or church income is, if you don't have genuine righteousness--the kind that Jesus has and gives--you have no genuine God-power, you got nothing but trash.
Paul said God's Kingdom is not a matter of talk. It's all about power, real power. Not the political leverage you see a lot of church people use to influence other people. It's not how you see church pastors and leaders allying with political figures to gain political influence. It's genuine Kingdom GOD-power. And you can't have any of it if you have no genuine righteousness. 
Despite this obvious fact in the bible, you still see a lot of fake pastors, preachers, and church leaders living in sin and then hidi…

Acts Church: "None Among Them was in Need"

Whenever I open my bible and pass through the book of Acts, I often come across this powerful phrase: None among them (those connected with the Acts church) was in need." Powerful! I often stop and look afar and reflect, and then God opens my mind and the Acts church suddenly appears right before me, as it were. God often does that when we talk.
God is not a liar. When he says "none" or "no one" in the Acts church was in need, he means it. You can count on it. Unlike today, you hear of church members who go bankrupt or jobless, or who are starving, or who are sick and do not have the means to seek a doctor and all the church could do is "pray" for them. And then they justify that by saying prayer is powerful and its the best help anyone can have. 
Jesus did pray a lot, but he didn't just pray for everyone. He fed multitudes and healed all the sick (and I mean all) and produced money when needed. So did the Acts church. They didn't just pray …

Sheep Amid Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Living as sheep amid wolves is nothing. Well, there can be lots of pressures but it's easy to see where to go, where to seek refuge. But when sheep live amid wolves in sheep's clothing, it's a different matter altogether. You got to stay spiritually extra sharp.
Wolves in sheep's clothing are dangerous. They really seem allies in Christ. They help you build the church. They sound and look so, so spiritual. But they have this one trait that few see: they sometimes take off the sheep's clothing when nobody's around--or so they think. If you have God's eyes--and God sees everything; in fact nothing can be hidden from his eyes--then you easily spot wolves leaving the crowd to go somewhere secret to change clothes for a while. 
You see, wolves are never really comfy in sheep's clothing. They get used to wearing it, but there's some sort of an expiry date or time when they need to take it off to let their natural skin breathe--or else the skin gets suffo…