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Artificial Testimonies

Artificial testimonies--it's amazing how people can twist things and then believe in them. I've heard lots of phony testimonies like that, nice sounding, very spiritual, but in the end you'd see how things had actually been twisted around to sound good, and then believed by the testifier as real. How did I know that they were phony? Wasn't I just being too judgmental about them? 
It's easy--just be sharp spiritually and you'd see that they are artificial testimonies. Jesus gave us the hint--you will know them by their fruit. They say a lot of nice things happening to them spiritually, how they're growing in their spiritual lives, how they heard God tell them this and that, and how they spend much time with the Lord. But later you see how they really live and behave and react and think, and you'd know that everything they said were just artificial testimonies.
It isn't just a one-time slip into error or misbehavior. You'd see that it's a lif…

Hebrews 8: A New Covenant with God's Law

The superior church ministry of Jesus--which is based in heaven and totally free of anything man-made--is premised on a new covenant. If you don't have this covenant with God then you are not in the Jesus ministry and if you're not in the Jesus ministry which is heaven-based (not earth-based) you are not in covenant with God. It's as simple as that.
If you're not faithful to God's covenant, he "turns away" from you [Hebrews 8.9]. And many Christians, even those active in church, do not realize this. You have to be found faithful to God through his new covenant. And the new covenant has a lot to do with God's law. And here's the problem--many churches teach that because you have received salvation by grace and not by works of the law, you can relax on the law. Thus, you find many Christians weak in the Old Testament, especially on the Law. 
Worse, I even see Christians ignorant of the New Testament. They're just kept busy in church.
But the ne…

Hebrews 8: The Superior Church Ministry

It's the superior church ministry. The only true church recognized in heaven is the Glorious Church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. It has a high Priest--Jesus, of the Melchizedek Order. He serves in the sanctuary of the true tabernacle (or church) set up by God himself, and nothing in it is man-made--because anything man-made is collapsing, especially in our time.
If you're not a member of this church, you're nothing, zero, pffft! All your church accomplishments are garbage. Jesus ministers in a sanctuary in heaven which the Father Himself has set up. You should be in this church. We all should be oriented in the spiritual set up of this church. Our mindset should have nothing but the mindset of this church ministry--the superior church ministry. And this church should be the one you're attending now, in this life, in this world. Remember?--"Your will be done on earth as in heaven."
If the church you're attending is man-ma…

No Fruit Equals Hell

It's really all so simple, but man's theologies and doctrines complicate it to powerlessness and uselessness. Salvation is really this: No fruit equals hell. 
Here's how my Jesus put it: "Unless you (really) change--the change that's very radical that you almost turn into a child--you'll go to hell (or never enter God's Kingdom)." Another time, he put it this way: "You will know the genuine from the fake by their fruit."
No fruit equals hell. Many churches only emphasize the "accepting Jesus" part and make it sound like bearing fruit is secondary or worse, optional. They stress that it's all by grace, as if bearing fruit and radical change are not by grace alone. You can never really change and bear fruit unless by God's enabling grace. They also maintain that we are only human and God understands our propensity to sin. They've been making "sound doctrines" out of these garbage so that more souls march to hel…