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The Religious Demon is a "Christian"

The religious demon is often a "Christian." These last days, Satan is going to focus more on deceiving Christians to fool even the elect, if possible. So hordes of religious demons are out to destroy believers. These are deadly spirits, demolition experts.
They really believe God is not just in their churches--he is confined to them. Because God is stuck in their churches, they consider their church buildings sacred. So they don't permit you to eat inside their church buildings. God would get angry. You're also not suppose to express your full emotions in church because that shows weakness. We're supposed to be strong and sturdy folks who always manage to stay calm and formal and decent. And they observe other such foolish traditions.

They love talking about how God cares for them and cuts you short with how God is on top of everything once you begin to sigh about your problems. Sighing about difficulties is unacceptable to them--it means you'r…

Are You Just Using My Jesus?

What If Jesus Didn't Save You from Hell?
Do you really love him or are you just using my Jesus? A lot of Christians "accepted" Christ because they heard about hell and dreaded ending up there for all eternity. Well, that is scary, and scared people will grab at anything that will get them out of danger. Once you see something that will save you, you'd use it, right? Many Christian saw Jesus in that light and used him. They "accepted" him.

But they never surrendered.

Many others saw him as a solution to their problems. Well, my Jesus is the Way, not just a way out of troubles. And they get frustrated because even after 'accepting' Jesus, troubles still happen.
I wonder--what if Jesus didn't save you from hell? Would you still "accept" him? Would you still love him and worship him as you're doing in church now? Would you still talk to him? Countless times I've seen church people, even leaders and pastors, who didn't mind peop…

Another Jesus

Paul talked about another Jesus to the Corinthians. Specifically, he said if he or any preacher should teach about another Jesus or another Gospel, a curse be on him or her. And many think today that Paul merely made a slight digression when he talked about it, not realizing that it was a prophecy. He was hinting on a real another Jesus coming to the church scene which the apostle John said was already active (spirit of anti-Christ) in their time and yet to be revealed in the last days--in our time, that is.
And today, they're worshiping that other Jesus in church. Roman Catholics worship a Jesus statue and one that seems to be inside their small rounded Eucharist cracker (and which born again Christians also use), others worship a distorted Jesus (mere human Jesus or a Jesus confined to a building or specific day of the week), while born again  churches worship a worse kind of other Jesus. They're all the another Jesus.
The one born again churches worship is worse because it…

Empowered Suffering

We are called to suffer for the Gospel. Paul calls it "suffer," but really, God's Kingdom has a different vocabulary which often has meanings exactly opposite from how the world defines words and terms. Like suffer. Suffering for the Kingdom is always an empowered suffering.
"Join me in suffering for the (Life of Jesus) Gospel, by God's power," [2 Tim.1.8]. 
Suffering is Power!
Suffering means being empowered. The less you suffer in your Christian life, the less you are empowered. You ask God in prayer to take away all your hardships, the more powerless you become. This does not mean. however, that you ask God to pour you tons of problems. Remember Jesus' tip on prayer? "Don't lead us to temptation (or tests), but get us out of evil."
For sure, we will all get our share of hardships in life. But some would opt out and pray to be spared of every problem. Sometimes they get an answered prayer and think they're so blessed to have been spar…