Monday, May 31, 2010

Accurate Kingdom Building: The Lampstand and Altar that they light the space.. (Exo.25.37)

In the Tabernacle Moses built, only the Ark was in the Holy of Holies. In Solomon's temple, two giant standing cherubim of Olive wood, an altar incense, and an overhead chain embellishment--all wrapped in pure gold--accompanied the Ark in the inner room or Holy of Holies. God's move was from glory to glory. It kept progressing and increasing. It never stayed the same. Today the true temple of God is completely different. These are all vital to have God's flesh.

Outside the Curtain

The Holy of Holies was entered through a thick curtain (shielding curtain). Outside were the gold table, 7 gold lamps, and the gold incense altar. Further out, in the court, were the bronze sea and altars.

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy of Holies is the head, where the mind of Christ should be seated, because Jesus is the Head of the church, the body, your body, our bodies collectively. 

In the Physical

In anatomy, the head controls every part of the head and body. The commands issue from the brain and body parts merely obey it. The brain identifies everything. When a body receptor receives a stimulus, like say, a burn on the skin, the receptors send a signal to the brain. 

The brain identifies the stimulus and marks it as a burn and on what part of the body. Only then do we recognize the pain and on what part of our body. Only then will the reflex operate--the muscle reacting to withdraw the burned part away from the pain source--and then we cry Ouch! The whole process is quicker than the speed of light and quite accurately. The body responds to what the brain says.

If the pain is a needle piercing the sole of a foot, the reflex will automatically move that part--not the finger nor the ears--and we grasp that sole of the foot for rescue and relief. The precision is awesome, because your body fully obeyed your mind and fulfilled its every command. This is God's flesh!

Did you know that the mind performs trillions of works a day? It does that even while you sleep. Your heart beats even if you sleep and are unconscious of it. Why? Because your brain works accurately--all at the speed of light. 

Imagine if the church, as a whole, does nothing but obey Jesus a hundred percent! Accurately! In the present Move of God! It would be able to do trillions of things in the Spirit accurately in the speed of light, everyday! God's angels move like that. They are swift, like lightning, and accurate. 

But as it is, the body (the church) is defiantly doing its own works for the Head while totally disobeying it. So anything it boastfully does and achieves for God is primitive, inaccurate, fleshly, and grindingly slow--in fact, nothing but trash! Only the devil benefits from it.

Problems come when the body acts on its own, disobeying the brain. In leprosy, when the nerves are dead, the brain cannot receive or send signals to the body. Thus, the body fails to recognize pain, is misled to callousness, and soon everything rots and dies.

In the Spirit, what keeps the nerves alive and accurately sending signals?

The Bread of the Presence, Lampstand, and Altar

The Table, Lampstand, and Altar are outside the shielding curtain. Body-wise, they occupy the chest area of the body, the temple. In man's heart should be the Bread of His presence, the Lampstand, and the Altar of incense. 

If the Bread of Jesus' presence stays fresh 24 hours daily, and the lampstand and altar of incense are kept burning the whole day, the spiritual nerves will operate accurately. Mind and heart should be one, the heart coordinating fully and willingly with the mind, with spiritual messages flowing smoothly from one end to the other. 

The Lampstand

The Lampstand was made of a single piece. Though elaborately embellished, everything was molded as a single whole. There were no riveted or nailed or screwed joints. No bone in Jesus' body was ever broken even unto death. The Lampstand symbolized Jesus, and also us. As Jesus’ physical body was never dismembered even at the bone joints, so the church, his body should not have denominations. Jesus’ will is complete unity—as perfect as the unity of the Father and Son, says John 17. God's flesh!

The Lampstand stood for the LIFE of Jesus in us. It is our light, for He is Light. That light should be burning 24/7 in us. The light people see in us should be His light. Exodus 25.37 says, that they light the space in front of them. 

The Lampstand had 7 lamps--one on top and 6 on each of its extending lateral branches. These stood for the 7 spirits before God's Throne (Rev.1.4) or the 7-fold Holy Spirit. The Spirit's fire should be kept burning is us. 

In the Old Testament (OT) the priests saw to it that the lamps kept burning. Today, having the universal priesthood of all believers, among our main tasks before God is to keep our lamps burning. Denominational church activities and programs are garbage. They tend to make the church forget its main tasks for God--among which is keeping the lamp burning.

Our body, God's temple, can only be updated (the nerves being fully functional) with God if the Bread (Word), Lamp (Life), and Altar (God's Throne) are all in accord with Jesus, the Head. Anything else is foolish, trash, zero, pffft! We should learn and apply full-time how to make the temple accurately operational for God. Denominational activities and programs have nothing to do with this. Peter once said, Save yourselves from this corrupt generation! Denominations belong to that generation.

In Revelations, the 7 lampstands stood for the 7 churches (not 7 denominations). The lampstands stood for the life of the church. If the spiritual lives of the churches were rotten, God's warning was that their lampstands would be taken away. No matter how lively the church seems to be with impressive memberships and incomes and programs, if its lamp is dead, God will curse it. 

The Altar

The altar enabled the high priests to enter the Holy of Holies. The thick incense smoke protected them. The altar had horns. Horns were symbolic of strength. The incense burned in them was of special perfume--gum resin, onycha, galbanum and pure frankincense--in equal (or accurate) amounts. Everything in Kingdom operations should be accurate. Perfect in God’s ways. It’s a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle, after all. Those who say perfection is impossible are, of all people, to be pitied.

This special and exclusive fragrance symbolized the aroma of Christ. Incense was to fill the room with this fragrance so that the garments worn by the priests, and the priests themselves, would catch the scent. Nothing pleased God except the aroma of flesh burning (the ego totally surrendered and incapacitated) and the aroma of Christ. Paul said, to God we are the aroma of Christ (2 Cor. 2.15). That aroma is our spiritual horn, our strength. Saul was anointed king with oil from a man-made flask. But David was anointed with oil from a horn, which was God-made.

The Altar was for Approaching the Throne

The Altar was placed in front of the curtain, near the Ark, with the atonement cover where God had said to Moses, I will meet with you. The incense smoke from the altar made this meeting possible and safe for Moses. The Altar makes the approach to God's Throne possible. Incense smoke covered them with Christ's presence and aroma. John 6.27 says only in Jesus has the Father set his seal of approval. Only Jesus is approved in God's eyes. To approach God, God should see Jesus in us, not ourselves.

The Altar stands for fragrant prayers (prayers with Christ's aroma). Rev. 8.3-5 gives us a deep insight into the power of the Altar. First, the smoke arising from an angelic offering of "much incense" that was burned on the altar always mixes with the prayer of the saints. It has the power to go up to God's very Throne and presence. Then, this prayer has power to bring down the powers of heaven to the earth (Rev. 8.5). When we pray, we should have no less than Christ's aroma--the incense fragrance.

Relationship between the Lamp and the Altar 

The Word says Aaron must offer incense on the Altar each morning when tending the lamps. Each time he managed the lamps, he must burn incense on the Altar (Exo.30.7-8). The quality of our spiritual life (Lamp) is dependent on how we are able to approach the Throne (Altar), vice versa. The Jesus LIFE is nurtured by our exposure to God's presence. That's God's flesh!

You are God's Temple

Your mind should be the mind of Christ. Your heart should have the Bread, Lamp, and Altar. All these elements also symbolize Christ because Christ is all and is in all (Col. 3.11). Paul adds that, When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you will also appear with him in glory (Col.3.4). 

Kingdom building is really building the spiritual lives of believers. It is not about beautiful church buildings or planting church buildings in localities—which are all garbage. Every true believer should understand Kingdom building from powerful principles found in the Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple.

Remember, to God, only pure spiritual gold is acceptable. God's flesh is gold in the spirit!

Outside the temple were only elements of bronze. Why? This is for the next issue.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Accurate Kingdom Building: The Table and the Bread of the Presence

Next to the Ark was the Table. We saw in the previous topic (The Ark) how the ark symbolized Jesus Christ. There was nothing in the ark except the two tablets of the Testimony--the Word. The word is Jesus.

Later, the staff of Aaron that budded and a jar of Manna would also be placed in it. Aaron's staff represented the holy priesthood, and Jesus is God's everlasting high priest after the order of Melchizedek. Also, Jesus is the Bread of Life, the real Manna from heaven. 

Thus, we see, accurate Kingdom building is forming Christ in people's bodies, people's lives and character (Gal.4.19). It is all about Jesus Christ. It's really about living the life of Jesus on earth. That's "Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

The Table is for the Bread of His Presence

The table was made of acacia wood and covered thoroughly with pure gold. The poles to carry it with and the rings where the poles were to be attached were similarly of pure gold. The place of rest for the Bread of God's presence should be no less than pure gold--the best. 

In spirit, the best in heaven was the scum of the earth. Jesus, heaven's best, was repugnant in the eyes of the world. We must understand that glimmering pure gold in God's eyes is rejected in the world. What is trash in God's eyes is gold to the world, and what is gold to the world is trash in God's eyes. 

When churches think about giving the best to God, they often think of their material best. They build beautiful church buildings--which are trash to God. What God sees as pure gold are totally surrendered lives living the life of Jesus, transfiguring from glory to glory, but which are rejected by the world and persecuted because of Jesus. To the world, Jesus is trash.

The first thing Christians should totally give up is denominationalism so they can start genuinely building God's non-denominational Kingdom. But they won't give this trophy up; their achievements, titles, and positions make them feel important. They derive respectability from these. The world sees these as gold. But God sees them as trash. Only Jesus is pure gold to God.

My Jesus derived authority and power from the Father alone. Thus, he was crucified. The world will crucify you (including the worldly church), reject and mock you, if you derive authority and power from the Holy Spirit alone.

Only Pure Gold Will Do

Only pure gold in God's eyes is worthy of carrying the Bread of His presence. Pure in the sense that it is not stained by any human additive. Jesus Christ was the pure gold table that carried the Bread of God's presence. We, too, should be that pure gold Table, if Jesus is 100 percent in us. This is accurate Kingdom building.

Utensils that Came with the Table

The utensils (plates, dishes, pitchers, and bowls) were equally of pure gold. Inside the tabernacle anything less than pure gold was a definite no-no. The cloud of God's presence would never descend if anything less was used. Sure, you could use inferior things and get the same look, or something even better in appearance--like using varnished bronze--but no cloud of His presence is going to come down. Remember, the reason for all these scruple and sharp attention to details was to bring down the cloud of His presence, God and His Kingdom. To bring down God, as it were. No God, you got nothing. Zero. Pffft!

Today, churches just want good appearances and programs, the works of their hands—but no God. They have lots of good and attractive gimmicks, but no real presence of God that transforms us from glory to glory. The only thing they enjoy is the omnipresence, which is present even in casinos and motels.

The Bread

The Bread of His presence was made of fine flour. No leaven--no ego, nothing of man that can spoil everything. The amounts of ingredients that went to each loaf were accurate. The same with the amounts of gold for all the furnishings. One slight error and the cloud of His presence would never have descended on the tabernacle. God stressed to Moses that everything should be exactly as the pattern shown him.

There should be no human effort or ingenuity. Even the skill and craftsmanship that molded and hammered pure gold into the tabernacle furnishings were supplied by God. God told Moses that he had given people, led by Bezalel and Oholiab, skill and artistry through the Holy Spirit to do all the work (Exo.31). 

No human effort! It was all God-effort.

There were 12 loafs of equal sizes and weight. These were symbolic of the 12 tribes. These loafs were to be set out regularly. They ought to be fresh daily. The loaf baked yesterday was a definite no-no. It had to be fresh daily. The meaning is that, the 12 tribes should feed on the Bread from heaven--man does not live by earthly bread alone but by every fresh Word, every fresh Bread of His presence, which comes from God's own mouth daily. 

You see, daily and each moment, you have to get the fresh rhema, spoken Word straight from the Father's own mouth. Only this empowers and transforms us from glory to glory. Only this assures accuracy in Kingdom building! Borrowed sermons or human sermon outlines or bible study materials can never give the same. Get the Word straight from God each moment!

The Bread of God's presence was eaten by the priesthood. This was symbolic of how the priests got the Word from God's own mouth and then passed on to the 12 tribes. Jesus did this symbol when he thanked God for the loaves and then set it out to his disciples, and then the disciples to the crowd of 5000 and then 4000 in another instance.

Jesus, the Bread of the Father's presence, is received by his chosen anointed church leaders, passed on to their spiritual sons and daughters, and then to the crowd. 

Each person in ministry, living the Jesus life, should also serve as a likeness of the ark, the table, and the bread of his presence—if Jesus is really in him or her. This is the true meaning of the universal priesthood. This is accurate Kingdom building.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Accurate Kingdom Building: The Ark of the Covenant

There, above the cover between the two cherubim over the ark of the Testimony, I will meet with you and give you all my commands for the Israelites. Exo.25.22

In the last topic on Accurate Kingdom Building (Intro), we saw how accurate God is--his ways, Word, nature, and life. And he wants us to be equally accurate in our obedience and ministry. We are to build the Kingdom accurately. Each believer is a builder--Have them make an accurate sanctuary for me (25.8).

The Ark

It is interesting to note that God begins with the Ark of the Testimony. Whenever the Israelites set out in the wilderness, they had to begin with the Ark. The shielding curtain was put down and used for covering the Ark. Moses would then tear down the frames of the tabernacle, the court coverings, and go.

As they were going, when the supernatural pillar of cloud or fire stopped, Moses and the priests would set up camp from where the Ark was and put up the tent over it, and then the court.

The Ark was pivotal. It was the reason for the tabernacle and the court. It was the reason why there was a Holy of Holies and a Holy Place. It was the reason why God was with them. It was the reason for the priesthood.

The Tabernacle Took Up Space in the OT

The tabernacle God wanted put up was discussed a great deal in the Old Testament (OT). How it was constructed and how it was used were of primary importance to God. It had to be built accurately, even the sacred furnishings and tools found in it. The size and amount of veneer covering, even the strands of thread or clothing materials, were all specified to the letter. Accuracy was vital for God's presence to descend on the tabernacle. And that was the whole idea--to bring down God.

God was not concerned with beauty or plenty; he was concerned about accuracy. Beautiful buildings were nothing to him. He could've chosen the beautiful edifices in Egypt which the Israelites built. But they did not have heaven's blueprint on them. For God's presence to come down or manifest, the place must have the Kingdom's blueprint. It's not how expensive or impressive--it's how accurate. How faithful.

Church buildings today compete with each other in beauty. But most of the congregations in them are ignorant of the Kingdom blueprint. They build to please human eyes, not God's eyes. Then they imagine God being in their churches--and they all shout Amen! to that. But it's all their imagination. God won't allow his powerful presence without accuracy. Without accuracy, all people will enjoy is merely his omnipresence, which is present even in beer houses and sex dens. What we need is his powerful, awesome presence.

What “God’s presence” inaccurate churches claim to have when they have “high” worship is the goose bump their imagination creates. And the goose bump feeling can be so intense that people think it’s really God—and they cry and wail and worship expressively—and become polite people for a while. That happens even in secular rock concerts where people are “moved” to tears and extreme behaviors. That happens lots of times in inaccurate churches.

Our Bodies--God's Tabernacle

Our bodies, our lives, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God is very particular about how accurately our bodies and lives are being built for him. Each one should be careful how he builds, says Paul. We should use gold, silver and costly stones, rather than wood, hay, or straw--because fire will reveal the quality of what we have built.

If we are accurately built in spirit, God's presence will manifest in us. Expert builders are apostolic builders who follow the discipleship and fathering Kingdom pattern set up by my Jesus so that after they lay the foundation, someone else will be building on it (2 Cor.3.10). This is discipleship and fathering, Jesus-style. It is not a teaching class course, which you find in denominations and in the world, but a transfer of life and spirit through the spoken Word, empowered by the Spirit.

Everything Should Start with the Ark

In accurate Kingdom building, everything starts with the Ark. God first specified, before anything else, how the Ark should be built. It was of the best wood, acacia, and covered with pure gold both inside and out. Paul said the best materials for building are gold, silver and precious stones. Gold is for God.

Proverbs 8 says God's wisdom is better than gold and silver and precious stones. And God's wisdom is Christ (1 Cor.1.30). The best 'material," therefore, for Kingdom building is Jesus Christ, the spoken Word of God—God’s gold, the gold of the Kingdom. For accurate Kingdom building, we have to eat Jesus (Jn.6.53)—eat gold to become gold.

And what was inside the Ark? The Word. God told Moses: Put in (inside the Ark) the Testimony. The Testimony was God's Word. And the Word is Jesus Christ.

The Ark Symbolized God's Awesome Presence

The top covering of the Ark was pure gold lid where two cherubim at each end were molded on the cover as one piece with it. This was called the Mercy Seat. The covering protected anyone from seeing the interior of the Ark, thus, the term mercy. Anyone who saw it died.

In 1 Sam.6.19 some inaccurate people tried to look into it and were struck dead by God. They probably had good intentions, but they were inaccurate. God wants nothing but accuracy. He does not want mere good intentions—or good and “biblical” programs. Inaccurate lives and characters will result to death. They may have the most beautiful and biggest church building, plus the best church programs--but if they are inaccurate in life and character, they are dead.

You have the reputation of being alive but you are dead - Rev.3

There God Speaks with His Anointed Man

At the Mercy Seat, God met with Moses and told him what he had to do. In between the cherubim guards whose wings overshadowed the atonement cover, God spoke. This symbolized God's powerful presence. Where that presence is, it is surrounded by powerful warrior angels. Their wings overshadow God's anointed man or woman to protect him or her from death. We should be after this kind of presence in worship.

God speaks with those who have the Ark built into their spirits and hearts and tells them great and awesome things. You can only build the Kingdom on earth if you receive his rhema Word (instructions) straight from the Mercy Seat built in your spirit. God speaks only at the Mercy Seat.

Church people today have to learn in a fresh way, daily, the importance of the spiritual Ark in their spiritual lives. This is urgent.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Accurate Kingdom Building (Intro)

We worship an accurate God who wants everything done accurately. He wants no less than accurate lives, characters, and ways. 

Denominations build using their human doctrines and policies. They select God's words that fit their designs. They build men's Babel kingdoms and use God to legitimize them. 

But we build God's Kingdom on earth using God's accurate spoken Word in the bible. We do not select what verses fit our designs. We believe and apply the whole bible.

God's Powerful Presence is With Accurate Builders

God promises that with accurate Kingdom building comes his awesome presence. The promise is for accurate builders alone. God's powerful presence is possible only through the dabar and rhema Word, spoken from the Father's own mouth, given credence by the Holy Spirit. Aside from this, all works are zero, pfft.
Jesus said, his presence is predicated on his Word, and this accurately. In Matt. 28 he said, "..teaching them everything I have taught you--and I will be with you always." Before this he said disciples should be baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This means accuracy in life and character. God's Name is his character. 

What is Being Baptized in God's Name?

Many people think being baptized in God's Name or in Jesus' Name is a baptism formula a pastor should verbalize when doing the ritual to a new church member. Just say the magic formula and, ping! The new member is baptized!

God's Name is his nature, his character. Jehovah Shalom, for instance, reveals God's nature or character as the God of peace. When we are baptized into his Name, we are baptized or introduced into God's nature, so we can reveal God's character--his fruit: love joy, peace, patience, etc. This assures Jesus' presence to be with us always. 

But today, denominational churches just use baptism as a ritual for accepting new members, a display for amassing membership, making it thoroughly powerless and useless for genuine Kingdom building, though made very solemn to give it a sacred appearance. You see baptized members still carnal, unspiritual, and ungodly--though active in church.

Thus, "I will be with you always" in Matthew 28 means accuracy in life, character, and Word, first and foremost. God's powerful presence will only happen with such precision. Anything else is garbage, no matter how religious or spiritual sounding.

Today's Sanctuary

Since Jesus declared in John 2.19 that his body was the temple, the era of material or earthly temples had ended. Thus, Paul kept saying that our bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the temple of God. 
The religious "biblical" people of Jesus' time failed to get this. They thought that Jesus was talking of the material temple they had in Jerusalem. Many Christians and denominational churches today are like those people--they still think God lives in their material church buildings. So they pour money making these buildings beautiful. 

Shadows of Realities in Christ

What we see in the Old Testament (OT) are mere shadows of the realities found in Christ (Col.2.17). In the OT, they built a material temple. In the NT, we build spiritual temples--our bodies--temples not built by human hands. 

We build spiritual temples by forming Jesus in believers' bodies--their lives and characters (Gal.4.19). This is done through Jesus' discipleship and fathering.

Thus, if we accurately build a sanctuary for God, and make it exactly like the pattern shown us (Jesus, the spoken Word, is the pattern), then God will dwell with us. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jesus Was a Great Critic

Jesus was a great critic. In fact, he is the greatest critic ever. Why? Because he was a critic who was never guilty of what he criticized about. He taught that before you try to clean the speck of dust in your brother's eye, make sure you are living a holy life. Then you may criticize.

People ignorant of Jesus say criticism is bad. They tag it as being holier-than-thou or being judgmental. They support this by quoting Jesus' "Do not judge." That verse is among the most used verse out of context. If we read the whole thing, it says that before you judge make sure you are not guilty of sin. If you are clean, then you may proceed to take out the speck of dust from your brother's eye. "Judge correctly," my Jesus said in John 7.24.

Look at how Jesus criticized the Pharisees and Law teachers: Hypocrites! Brood of vipers! You fools! Woe to you! Just look at Matthew 23. Jesus was a great critic. And not only that--he also judged and condemned. Preachers say we should never judge or condemn sinners. This is the reason why the church has been so powerless through the years. Any wicked sinner today can join the church, be recognized and rewarded for "faithfulness" and be voted to a high church position and gain power and even kick out the pastor later. I've witnessed how the wicked even become pastors and titled reverend doctors. 

The Acts Church was a Great Critic

All the above is because the church cannot see anymore that Jesus was a great critic. The church has lost the spiritual gift of discernment and prophecy and thus also lost the power to criticize, judge, and condemn as the Spirit leads. Look at how Peter judged and condemned a new believer: "You may die and rot with your money because you're trying to buy your way to Spirit power (and church position). You have no part or share in this church because your heart is not right in God's are full of bitterness and devoted to sin."

In another instance, the apostles condemned all the people, saying that they all murdered Jesus Christ because they were all stiff-necked like their fathers were. Jesus and his church in Acts were so powerful because they criticized, judged, and condemned. Jesus was a great critic.

But A Critical Spirit is a Demon

But having a critical spirit is something else. It just loves to find fault and destroy people. A critical spirit has no real holiness--it is often guilty of sin while it criticizes--and does not present Jesus and the ways of Jesus as the solution to all problems. It just nags, period. When you criticize like Jesus, you criticize everything of the world and anything that is not of Jesus. Jesus is the only Way. All other way or ways must be cruelly criticized, just like what my Jesus did. "Walk in all the ways I command you that everything will be in order...but you just followed your own stubborn ways, according to the ways of men with evil you keep going backwards. You're primitive," (Jer.7.23-24).
Jesus was a great critic. And criticizing like my Jesus will hurt lots of church people and leaders, especially those who love flaunting their denominations and degrees and titles around, and who are active and dedicated in their church service. But Jesus' criticism, judgment, and condemnation is God's love for us--he doesn't want us deceived and he wants us strong and pure.

The Barren Heights

The barren heights--people in Jeremiah's time made a lot of fuss over it. They thought that just because they made shrines and altars on the heights, they had high spiritual lives. They didn't realize that in God's eyes, they were barren.

Being on heights is no guarantee you have the fruits. Fruit is only assured when you deeply understand and live out the Word. "Obey me and I will be your God and you will be my people." Then and now, God's covenant is hinged on the spoken Word. God asked Israel through Jeremiah: "Did I just instruct you about sacrifice and worship when I got you out of Egypt? Don't you know that what matters is obedience to the Word?"

Today, the barren heights still stand, erected by stubborn "believers." They focus on the quality of their worship (sound system, voice quality, and liveliness) and the quality of their church worship programs--especially their printed programs. I marvel at the useless attention to minor details. But you see church people ignorant of the spoken Word. They never hear God speak to them and mock at the prospect. They insist that a holy life is impossible, and never realize that they have to live the Jesus LIFE no less. 
The church today brags about expressive and high worships--crying, thousands of people at the altar, waving their hands, lively singing, active young people in worship teams, fiery testimonies about how God touched them or how He blessed them--and yet, often, you see that "the Word of the Lord is offensive to them; they find no pleasure in it" (Jer.6). I've seen active young people in church loathe the Word of God. No one has sharp, ready ears for God's voice in Scriptures--"Who will listen to me?" (6.10). Almost everyone in church just want to be active and take part in programs.

By God's grace, I enjoy expressive worships, crying and laughing in the Spirit, speaking in and interpreting tongues, moving in His presence. Yet, through the Spirit, I take care never to worship on the barren heights. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Word Comes

You Won't Get It Unless it Comes

Always, "the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah," and to other men of God. The Word and the Spirit always go together. Thus, "the sword of the Spirit," (Eph.6). No one can separate them. And the Spirit always comes to people of God. Hence, the Spirit "came upon them and they spoke in tongues." You can never, by your own will and effort, get the Word or God's Spirit for yourself.

Lots of preachers try to compose the Word. They prepare outlines for preaching. They say preaching should be systematic. And it has produced good results through centuries--even mega churches and great revivals. But what Word they got was not that which comes out of God's mouth--which Jesus said gives us life--but merely that which is composed by man's theology. It has some power--because God's printed Word has power--but it does not have the power of the spoken Word that created the universe. 

The printed Word has power---power to kill. "The letter kills," (2 Cor.3.6) but the spoken Word through the Spirit gives life. The printed word is easy to get. Even atheists and wicked people can get it and preach it and make people cry and kneel and regret sinning and "believe" so that a new church denomination can be formed. But only the spoken Word--spoken from God's own mouth and which comes to you--can change people to be like Jesus Christ, can make people genuinely Kingdom people--deep in the Word, in Jesus, purely spiritual, and with supernatural powers.

The spoken Word will never come to people who are not genuinely in God's present Move. So what fake preachers do is compose a likeness of it through human theology and systematic preaching. And this means resorting to man's ways like psychology, sociology, public speaking, making outlines, and even dialectical materialism which Marxists use--and then pray for it for a semblance of spirituality. Is it effective? Oh yeah, more than anyone can imagine! Is it pleasing in God's eyes? No, it stirs up His wrath!

Jeremiah is about God's wrath because His people opted for the Word composed by men's ways rather than the spoken Word that supernaturally came to genuine men of God like Jeremiah. "The lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely" (8.8) meant that His people used man's ways to get a semblance of the Word using men's theology so that everything was handled falsely. Thus, "Truth has perished, it has vanished from their lips" (7.28), although their preachers always preached using the bible.  Consequently, "they are all hardened rebels" (6.28). No wonder the printed Word kills.
The genuine spoken Word comes--you have to patiently wait for God to speak it to you. When it comes, you grab and eat it (Jer.15.16). When you have learned to really dwell in God and sharpened your ears to supernaturally and sensitively listen to Him, the Word coming to you will become a very easy, daily thing. It becomes like breathing fresh air. You don't have to make outlines when you preach. As you stand and open your mouth to preach, the Word comes to you right there on the spot, coming fresh, well updated, revealed supernaturally, and powerful to stir up life. 

From God's own mouth and then through your mouth (if you are God's flesh) the spoken Word that comes can again create whole worlds and universes...and the LIFE of Jesus into a person.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Useless to Aim for Perfection

Before anything else, I say, Aim for Perfection, NOW!

I have heard countless "ordained" ministers and other church workers who belong to "holiness" churches declare with confidence, pride, and finality that aiming for perfection "is useless." They add that "it is impossible to be perfect in this world and life." And by this they mean living a perfect holy life in God. They say that as long as we're humans we will sin. Then, they talk about how grace makes us go to heaven even while we sin here.

Well, if you think like the above, you'll lose the present Move of God. You're always deceived by the enemy. Imagine how many churches think like that--that perfection is useless and unrealistic; that's the same number of churches that are actually synagogues of Satan. For one, grace is not a license to sin. Grace frees us (not excuses us) from sin (Rom.6.14).

We cannot be perfect in the eyes of this world. We cannot be perfect to people. And that's not what I'm talking about. We must be perfect in God's eyes. If you claim to believe Jesus but you say perfection is impossible and useless then there's something wrong with you.

If perfection now is useless and unrealistic, then they're saying my Jesus was a big liar. He is the author of perfection; he declared: "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." The term, "be perfect," means "be now perfect!" And in the context, he was referring to perfection in living out the beatitudes. Spiritual perfection. If you're perfect spiritually, your mind and soul follow suit. Later, on a higher level, even your body and surroundings follow. Imagine if the whole church were perfect now like this! In the last days, God will set this in motion on those who truly believe.

Among reasons why the church is powerless is because they do not believe in perfection. They believe in excuses for sinning. 

Look at what Paul said: "Aim for perfection" (2Cor.13.11). He also said (I believe he would also say this of denominations if he were alive today in the flesh), "Watch out for those who divide the church and put obstacles in your way, teaching ways that are contrary from those you learned from us. Get away from them. Those people are not serving Jesus Christ but their own appetites. By smooth talk and deception they fool naive people," (Rom.16).

Aim for perfection. Jesus, through the awesome power of the Holy Spirit, being fully and 100 percent living in you, makes you perfect, if you only believe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

End Times? Really?

I hear many good preachers talk about the end times systematically and scholarly. You can see that they really know what they're talking about and have a good grasp of their subject. They are experts about the end times. Yet I wonder: If they know so much what would happen in the end times and if they're really so smart, why are they still in their denominations?

These preachers all urge us to prepare for the Second Coming and the end times. How? By being more active in a denominational church? Well, that's what most of them conclude. But what very few preachers know is that Jesus is coming back for only one church. And this church is not denominational. It's Jesus' glorious church. 

In John 17, Jesus prayed that all true believers be completely united. It was an urgent prayer, considering the time when it was offered--when he was near death. People near their death would say nothing but only about things really important for them. Like a last will and testament. You better listen well and take seriously the last wishes of a dying man.

Jesus desired nothing less than a church "completely united." How complete? Jesus said, he wanted all true believers to be one even as the Father and Son are one. The oneness of the church should be the same as the oneness of the Father and Son--indeed the same as the oneness of the trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not have separate or differing doctrines. They have no separate denominations. They are completely united. Jesus prayed that true believers be the same.

Jesus said "I and the Father are one." What the Father has is also his, and vice versa. Can denominations say the same? Can two different "Christian" denominations share church incomes because they are completely one? Can one denomination say to another, "Brother, you may use our money and properties because, anyway, we are completely one in Jesus"? This can never be so--except in the genuine glorious church of Jesus, which is without spot or wrinkle. Don't settle for anything less than Jesus' glorious church. Look for that church in the end times. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor And Yet Not Poor

In most churches I have preached in, few understand the Kingdom principle of being poor in spirit and yet possessing all. When I start talking about being poor yet rich, and being rich yet poor, they start looking doubtful whether what I'm saying is correct. Poor and yet not poor?

Jesus taught that there is only one way to being truly blessed in God's eyes--being poor in spirit. Blessed are those poor in spirit--theirs is God's kingdom! It's his first Beatitude teaching. And he didn't just teach it--he lived it. He was poor in the eyes of the world. Unlike some minsters with mega churches today who flaunt their material blessings around and yet emphasize simple living. James said God chose the poor in the world's eyes to be rich in faith. Thus, they are poor and yet not poor--they are rich; yet they are poor.

Most Christians think the challenge to give up everything is only for rich people, as was given to the rich, young ruler. Well, Luke 12.33 demolished that. The challenge is for every true disciple. We should be poor in spirit. As we lose everything we possess all things. Soaking in poverty is NOT God's will for anyone. But it's his will that we become poor. Jesus was poor yet he fed 5000 and 4000 men in separate events. He was poor yet he possessed all things. You check him out if he had any church or denominational property or church building or kept huge ministry bank accounts. He had none. Yet he was not poor--and yet he was poor.
Poor and yet not poor does not mean you beg because you're out of livelihood. Most churches today have this mindset--they beg and solicit money because they are without any livelihood. It's a poverty mindset. Paul said we must be able to provide well for our relatives and immediate families (1 Tim.5.8). That is far from being a poverty mindset. Christians and churches should have a livelihood to be able to provide for those in need, like the Acts church. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Secret Place

Today, almost everyone is talking about God's secret place. I hope we all know where it is. Most Christians know the procedures on how to be a member of a local church, know the policies and doctrines of their denominations, but they don't know God's secret place--the secret place. It's secret but it's clearly specified in Scriptures.

To be sure, you cannot claim to go to the secret place if you're not deeply grounded in the Word. I hear lots of church goers claim they know God's secret place and yet have no deep love for the Word. A secret road leads to the secret place, and that road is narrow--only a few choose it because the majority opts for the wide road to destruction. I see people who have lackadaisical spiritual lives talking about their "experience" in God's secret place. 

The secret place is not a playground where anyone can go and be entertained. Some claim that you just have to worship expressively--shout and cry--to be able to go there. Worshipers like that may enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise. That's okay. But to enter God's secret place is a different thing altogether. His secret place and His gates and courts are different places. The goal should be to enter and stay in His secret place.

It's easy to enter the gates and courts. For instance, I can enter the gate of a church but never meet the pastor inside. I may enter the gate but never get to see the dining or family room of the pastor. To be able to do that I must be the pastor's confidant or close friend. Jesus defines his real friends this way: "You are my friends IF YOU DO WHATEVER I COMMAND YOU," (Jn.15.14). You're a friend if you are deep in the Word, if you live out the Word. Because the Word is Jesus Christ.  

What is the Secret Place For?

Psalm 31 says God will hide the true believer in His secret place "to keep him from the plots of man." 

I see two things here: First, the secret place is for those who are persecuted because they are deep in the Word (deep in Jesus) and live it out. Second, God's hiding place is for us to be untainted by anything of man. Anything human, anything of the flesh, fails.

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