Monday, December 20, 2010

Micah: God's Remnant--Fierce Lions

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God designed the remnant like a fierce young lion amid nations, "mauling and mangling" as it roams and spreads around [Micah 5.7-9]. That's power made perfect in weakness. From being "lame" and weak, God transforms the remnant into a fierce lion from which "no one can rescue."

This lion will be in the midst of nations, "like dew or showers from God on the grass." They overwhelm and cover and give refreshment. But they also "maul and mangle."

The Word of God in these remnants is like a weapon, like iron horns and bronze hoofs that "break into pieces the nations" [413]. The Word from their mouths will be fierce and offensive, radically demolishing strongholds and even what man invented for "ministry" derived from also the Word, but adulterated. This remnant God chooses in the end times will radically turn the world upside down.


"(Like dew and showers from God) they will not wait or linger for man" [5.7]. The chosen remnant in these last days will do everything in God's ways and Word. Like dew and showers from God. Have you ever heard of dew or rain being dependent on man? Even cloud seeding is often unsuccessful when God opts to frustrate it. Weathermen cannot be absolutely sure if cloud seeding will give them what they want, where they want it. Only God can command dew and showers. The same with God's end-time revivalists.

"Your hand will be raised up being champ over your enemies--all of your foes will be totally ruined." God's remnants do not know a thing about spiritual defeat or carnality or any dead moment. They have nothing but total success over the enemy even in the face of severe trials and persecution. But the Word in their mouths will demolish the fake and the wicked. This is the genuine glorious church of Jesus Christ. The rest who pretend are garbage.

Micah: Rescued in Babylon

If you have been stubbornly doing man's ways in your life and ministry, and have been hopelessly clinging to it so that in God's eyes everything you do is corrupt (though in your eyes you look okay), God sends you off to Babylon, for a last chance at revival.

God's people were doing "good" ministry in their eyes, but God saw something else: "Your leaders decide for money, your priests teach for money, and your prophets tell fortunes (not prophecies) for money. Doing things for money is the natural end result of man's ways. Many churches evangelize just to up membership and tithes and offering. Sometimes you'd see born again churches lined up in the same street, competing against each other selling their own brand of gospel. They build magnificent church buildings to lure people in.

So the Lord sends them to spiritual exile to Babylon, letting their enemies win over them. Many churches today are in Babylon while "serving" God. In Babylon, God purges and sifts them, until the remnant appears--those who genuinely repent and go back to God and His ways and Word alone.They won't be purged until exiled to Babylon. They have to taste the cruelty of the enemy, to see the difference between serving God and serving the enemy, to see how pleasant it is to serve the living and loving God. Then from Babylon, God rescues them [Micah 4.10].

But many will not get the picture and continue using man's ways and think God approves of them. "I will take vengeance in wrath and anger on nations that go on disobeying me," [Micah 5.15]. 

Now, call and gifting are irrevocable. Even if you're deep in sin, your call and gifting remain. Thus, many still wonderfully prophesy, speak in tongues, and do miracles and signs and wonders while in sin. They even worship excellently. God sends them to spiritual Babylon to give them a chance. So beware--many so-called "gifted" ministers and churches are wallowing in rottenness in Babylon, still using man's ways and efforts. They hide a lot of things from the public. They cannot be extremely transparent. They demand a lot of "privacy." 

When God wrote the bible, He was extremely transparent. He didn't hide anything. He even exposed bad things about his chosen servants. Can you be transparent about everything--you don't hide anything from public scrutiny? Do you hide in "privacy" skirts?

The call of God's people continued while they were in Babylon, though they had to serve their "sentence" to 70 years. Their enemies thought it was the end of them: "Let them be defiled, and we will gloat over Zion's fall!' But the Word says: "The enemy does not know God's thoughts and plans...Rise and thresh O God's people!" [4.11-13]. 

Some of us are rescued from Babylon. But for most, they stay there.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Micah: He will Stand and Shepherd His Flock

Until Jesus is really Lord of the church, God will abandon Israel (the true Israel is the church) and let it do whatever it pleases--even "answer" its prayers and provide its needs [Micah 5.3]. In Micah, while God "abandoned" Israel, he still provided for her needs and answered "prayers" according to God's general blessings.

Everything went well in man's eyes. Their prayer and worship life seemed the best: "They lean (or rely) on the Lord, saying, 'Is not God among us? Not one disaster will come upon us." This is the same claim many churches today shout in their worship services. "God is here, Amen?" And church people answer: "Amen!" Yet, they do everything contrary to God's ways, like their denominations. 

But God has a solution ready. It's the Jesus Discipleship. This Kingdom discipleship is designed to demolish everything of man in church, even man's church itself, to free God's church in Jesus--pretty much like how Israel was imprisoned in Egypt a long time, and then God decided to move in and free them. But first he had to subject Israel to Egyptian cruelty to break it, to demolish it. 

"In that day," Micah continues, "I will destroy your horses and ruin your chariots (man's ways and efforts), I will destroy your cities and smash your strongholds (church achievements are often idols), I will demolish your witchcrafts and your spells (denominational evangelism and preaching often become witchcraft and spells), I will destroy your carved images and other secret idols--so you will no longer worship the work of your hands (their achievements, church building, and denominations). 

God adds further: "I will uproot Asherah poles from among you and your cities as well." All their hard works were nothing in God's eyes but idolatry, and their cities were no different.

The Jesus discipleship will demolish all the above. If it's a genuine Jesus "shepherding" or discipleship, it cannot be useful to denominations (or Pharisaical activities, programs, and activities), because God designed the Jesus shepherding to destroy anything of man. If your discipleship is helping your denomination instead of demolishing it, it's not the genuine Jesus discipleship. It's just another men's church program designed to keep membership intact. The genuine Jesus discipleship grows the Kingdom of God on earth, not any selfish interests like denominations.

Jesus started this discipleship "in the Lord's strength, in the highness of the Name (or nature) of the Lord His God." And all who follow the genuine Jesus discipleship will likewise do it as Jesus did it--in God's very own strength (no human effort or ways whatsoever) and in His Name (in God's very own nature). As Jesus commanded genuine disciples to "Make disciples of all nations," so did Micah described God's shepherding to "reach the ends of the earth," [5.4].
Micah said that the power of the dreaded Assyrian empire will be easily demolished by God's shepherding. He estimated that all it would take were 7 or 8 discipleship leaders to do this [5.5]. The genuine Jesus discipleship will "rule" Assyria with the sword (the Word of God). The genuine Jesus discipleship can easily shatter Assyria, which is symbolic of satanic forces in the spiritual realms. 

Genuine Jesus discipleship is powerful!

So, if your discipleship is not crushing sin and Satanic stronghold in your church, but just keeps people continually going to church though powerless, keeping them entertained, active, and feeling "useful" in church, it's a scam. A big scam. 

In God's shepherding, disciples are compared to sheep. Sheep are not fighters. They are seen as weak and dull animals. Thus, God told Micah that the remnants--the sheep or true disciples of Jesus--will be a lame people [4.7]. But the remnant will scatter all over nations, like dew from the Lord, like showers affecting all grass [5.7]. And they will be like lions there. True disciples easily overcome and overwhelm the world. Disciples will make disciples of all nations, by the Holy Spirit's power. 

The present move of God in the last days is genuine Jesus discipleship. Only this can overcome Satan and the world. All other ways--like man's ways--in church are garbage. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Micah: Though You are the Smallest

Bethlehem was the smallest among the clans of Judah. But God chose it to raise up His Ruler--King of kings and Lord of lords [Micah 5.2]. It's curious why God chose the smallest.

God, of course, wants all nations to be discipled for Him, but He chooses the smallest and sometimes the weakest. At a time when churches go crazy about mega churches and full-packed congregations, the "smallest" is disdained and disowned. We want our churches to be the biggest; the bigger the more "blessed by God," we believe. 

Yet, at a very crucial time, when God was about to do His most important move for all times, He chose the smallest in Judah. He chose the most undesirable of places--Bethlehem. Today, we can hardly grasp the wisdom and power in this. We are deceived with a "mega" orientation. 

God wants all nations discipled, but this does not mean we should have big churches. In fact, God wants well distributed numbers of congregations in churches, not a mad grab for members, a contest of who's the biggest congregation. When the Passover Lamb was prepared in the old days, God wanted no family getting a bigger share than it could consume, and no family getting a smaller share than what it can finish. 

If you had a small family and prepared a whole lamb your family could not consume, you were to share it with a bigger family that hadn't enough. Discipling nations for Jesus should follow the same principle so that no one disciple is either too underfed or overfed. There are church people today who are hardly properly discipled, one-on-one, because churches greedily take in more members than they can handle. It's because of the "mega" mentality. 

But God wants cells or smaller groups. Cells preserve the Jesus model of discipling believers one-on-one. This empowers people, not pack them into crowds where they never grow up but just get old. 

This does not mean we limit our discipleship to only a few. Far from it. We should make disciples of all nations, take in as many people to be genuine believers, but not greedily grab everyone to make your church membership the most numerous. That's what ministry most churches know today--capitalism evangelism, or imperialistic denominationalism, both reeking of worldliness. 

Big churches should share their membership with smaller churches, like breaking the whole loaf and distributing pieces of it to all the disciples so each of them can partake of communion. In the same way that every Christian is well nourished in a close-in Jesus discipleship. Would any church do that today, willingly distribute their members to smaller churches? I doubt. Thus, God will destroy man's churches. 

Micah says all Israel was abandoned by God until the time came when the virgin became pregnant and Jesus was born. All churches today are, in a real sense, "abandoned" by God until the church gets pregnant with the Word (as what happened to Mary) and Jesus is formed in her and reigns supreme. And this means every Christian is well discipled in the exact same way Jesus discipled His true followers.

Smaller churches or cells look weak and unexciting, but it is where God chooses Christ to be formed in believers. Though you are the smallest, out of you will be One who will become a ruler. God always have that inclination--opting for the smallest.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Micah: Break Nations to Pieces like Pottery

The church will be revived tremendously in the last days one more time before the end comes. The revived glorious church of Jesus, without spot or wrinkle, will be given such power and strength, "iron horns (and) bronze hoofs to break the nations to pieces with," [Micah 4.13-14].

This is fulfilled in Revelations: "To the overcomer obedient to my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations, to rule them with an iron scepter and dash the same like pieces of pottery...just as the Father gave me authority...I will give him the morning star," [Rev.2.26-29].

But the church, like Jerusalem, will first be dashed into pieces like pottery. There must first be a breaking of strongholds. A punishment to "go to Babylon" for purging and wailing in repentance. The hard ground must be broken and tilled before any planting and harvest can happen. God will destroy first the church and raise it up in Christ. Man's church must die first before the Jesus church will rise up and open the grave where men's churches kept Jesus "dead." And then release resurrection power that turned the world upside down. But this time, nations will be broken to pieces and burned with fire.

The glorious church will dash nations to pieces, not by actual war, but by the Word of God, the fiery spoken Word that destroys and burns anything of man. Nations will rebel and revolt against the pure and genuinely anointed preaching of the Gospel, the very LIFE of Jesus Christ in flesh form. And as they do, God will break their spirits and lambaste them to total surrender and subservience. And genuine wealth transfer will take place.

The church will be willingly handed (no need to solicit or beg for money as churches do today) the wealth of nations. And at that time, the true church will be so glorious and pure and holy that everything will be turned over "to the Lord of all the earth," unlike today when churches and ministers fatten themselves up with riches for their own sakes, for their denominational expansionism, not totally surrender wealth and possessions for Kingdom Come.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Micah: A Powerful Church in Weakness

"I will make lame people a remnant," [Micah 4.7]. God's plan is to make His remnant lame. Wow! In an era when brute power is worshiped--power enshrined in wealth and possessions--that's the time when God gathers His remnant, and they are all a picture of weakness. "A nation driven away." Outcasts. No one in the world can understand this power. God's glorious church is a powerful church in weakness.

No one today wants to look weak. That's why even Christian churches build impressive buildings and buy properties left and right. They all showoff their material capacity. Because they don't want to appear weak. 

That's why in these last days, many will be left behind by God's present move. Jesus once asked: "Will I find faith on the earth when I come back?" Because when Jesus comes back, everyone will be busy amassing worldly properties and achievements, presenting them as proofs of their "strong faith."

But God's remnant in the last days will look like losers. The rejected nation will become a strong one [4.7], and God will rule over them on Mount Zion--on God's spiritual mountain, the chief of mountains in the last days. True strength only comes when a church is on God's chief mountain where He rules over it. 

A powerful church in weakness is not weak due to sin or disobedience. "Weakness" here is being weak in the eyes of the world that measures everything by money and possessions. God's power is made perfect in weakness, as the remnant is made up of the lame, crippled in worldly standards but champions in the Spirit.

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