Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Religious Demon is a "Christian"

The religious demon is often a "Christian." These last days, Satan is going to focus more on deceiving Christians to fool even the elect, if possible. So hordes of religious demons are out to destroy believers. These are deadly spirits, demolition experts.


They really believe God is not just in their churches--he is confined to them. Because God is stuck in their churches, they consider their church buildings sacred. So they don't permit you to eat inside their church buildings. God would get angry. You're also not suppose to express your full emotions in church because that shows weakness. We're supposed to be strong and sturdy folks who always manage to stay calm and formal and decent. And they observe other such foolish traditions.

They love talking about how God cares for them and cuts you short with how God is on top of everything once you begin to sigh about your problems. Sighing about difficulties is unacceptable to them--it means you're not spiritual enough (or not mechanical enough like a robot)--and they impose their "spirituality" on you by simplifying your situation into a mere, "Oh, God is in control' or "Just trust God." And that's supposed to solve everything.

Then they'd tell you what happened to them and their good testimony on it. They'd show how inferior your faith is to theirs. They have the spirits of Job's three friends. You remember them? They sounded spiritually better than Job was and they cut him short with their you-should-be-spiritual-like-us arguments. They thought they were so godly, and yet God later said in the book that they were all wrong--and Job alone was right. They needed Job's prayer to be forgiven of their inaccurate assumptions of themselves.

In other words, all they had was a religious demon. And religious demons proliferate in church today. They like to project an image of super spirituality, in fact more spiritual than you are. They like Sunday sermons that make them look and feel good. They tell everybody that they're good examples of what the sermon being preached is all about. Worse, they feel more spiritual than the pastor and tell him what he should do.

Fake Spirituality

Well, there are Christians who do nothing but complain and magnify problems and difficulties. We should realize that we are more than conquerors and that God did not give us a spirit of timidity but of power. But there are also Christians who pretend to be "strong," and this they often do to glorify their denominational church ("we in our church are strong and you in your church are not") or to simply prove to you that they're better and more correct.

Jesus did not prove that one denomination was better than the other during his time. He came here to destroy all religions through his radical life and to establish God's Kingdom on earth through that same life.

It's funny how religious demons reject real holiness and perfection in this life and yet be strict about people's expressive feelings or show of emotion. They want to be seen either as "intellectuals" (which means being conversant in their theology) or "more blessed than you are" (which means God is making them happier than you are).

Remember that Psalms, Lamentations, and Jeremiah are full of cries of pain and hardship. The perfect human that God designed feels pain and hardship. If they had been around Christ when he cried, "Why have you forsaken me" on the cross, religious church people would have told him to shut up and "Just trust God."

Testimonies are good, but they shouldn't be shared for self-aggrandizement--to make you look better than somebody else--or everybody else for that matter. Jesus criticized institutions and religious people not to prove he was better but to show everyone how God's Kingdom actually was. I once had a church member (when I was still denominational) who called me up each morning to tell me how blessed she was and then pointed out folks in church who weren't. She urged that we should pray for such people.

If your opinion is not asked, keep them to yourself and God. Or, write about them on your blog and keep actual names secret or fictitious. Don't act like you're the prophet of the church or your pastor and you have to tell them what God told you. If you're not the pastor, shut up and wait for him to seek your opinion. And just pray for people--like yourself, especially.

They Like to Post Verses on FB

Oh, they know nothing else except post verses and stuff about God on Face Book. They won't post anything else because you see, they have devoted their entire lives to God alone. Or, they always make God the subject of their ordinary conversation. But often, on closer look, you'd see that they have nothing except self-righteous religious demons. You'd see that they're the pain in the neck in their churches. Or, they're sexually immoral. Or, they always think bad about people. And so on.

My rule in life is, the more a guy sounds strictly spiritual, the more I beware of him or her. They won't even laugh heartily because they feel it doesn't go well with godliness. They think laughing like, "BWAHAHAHAHA!" is of the devil.

They Like to Control

They can't just sit down in the pew and listen and obey. They can't just pray for a situation. They have to do something about it, say something about it, and tell everyone what to do. They do this especially to the person in charge or the pastor. They act like they're the savior of the church.

Obedient people are much, much better than folks with "bright ideas." God has no use for "smart" people. He has much use for the meek and obedient. Gideon had to settle for the 300 who lapped water like dogs than those who were smart enough to drink like humans. 

They Think Going to Church Pleases God

No matter what character they have, they think their church attendance is what God is after. No matter if the fruit of the Spirit is evident in you and you're deep in the Word, if you don't go to church, you're a backslider. Worse are those who don't care what church you attend--if it isn't their church denomination, you're a sinner. This is a mutant religious demon that also has an aspect of arrogant and conceited demons. You see, one demon controlling a Christian can mutate and take on the images of several other demons.

My Jesus said one demon can go back and take with it 7 other worse demons to re-possess a person. That can happen to Christians. You just have to look inside churches today to see this.

Demons or devils cannot own or enter into genuine Christians, but when Christians bite into demonic deception, demons ride on them and control them like cowboys control horses. You know what right thing to do but you can't do it. That's why see active Christians in church but with bad characters, and we wonder why this happens. That's why we see corruption or sexual immorality among active church people and wonder why this is so. The culprit usually are religious demons mutating into something worse. 

Most times it's also due to people who think they're born again but are not. They "accepted" my Jesus in their minds (they just got smart about hell) but not in their hearts. Romans says, you believe "in your hearts" and are saved.

The only effective and powerful measure against demons and devils is being God's flesh on earth. This means my Jesus fully takes over your life and you begin to live with the Jesus DNA in you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are You Just Using My Jesus?

What If Jesus Didn't Save You from Hell?

Do you really love him or are you just using my Jesus? A lot of Christians "accepted" Christ because they heard about hell and dreaded ending up there for all eternity. Well, that is scary, and scared people will grab at anything that will get them out of danger. Once you see something that will save you, you'd use it, right? Many Christian saw Jesus in that light and used him. They "accepted" him.

But they never surrendered.

Many others saw him as a solution to their problems. Well, my Jesus is the Way, not just a way out of troubles. And they get frustrated because even after 'accepting' Jesus, troubles still happen.

I wonder--what if Jesus didn't save you from hell? Would you still "accept" him? Would you still love him and worship him as you're doing in church now? Would you still talk to him? Countless times I've seen church people, even leaders and pastors, who didn't mind people who were not important to them at the time. If you're not useful to them, they seldom notice you or intentionally ignore you. And Jesus said, anything you did to these the least of my brothers, you did to me.

So you see, it's easy to "accept" Jesus as long as he's useful to you. But that's far from true love. That's wicked opportunism. True love is entirely something else. And I guess not many know what true love for my Jesus is. Are you really in love with him or are you just using my Jesus?

Boys, you don't love a girl just because you can use her, do you? Or, because you get some benefit from her. That's not love. That's "using" her. If her dad was a cruel army general who'd shoot anyone caught courting her--and she could do nothing to save you--would you still love her? Many Christians are like this to  God--like the boy who'd love the girl only if she could guaranty his safety. If not, then forget about it. 

A true lover madly in love with a girl would risk his life just to see her. So what if he dies? Just as long as he sees his love. Are you like that with Jesus? Are you truly and madly in love with him or are you just using my Jesus to save yourself from hell? You're just a user if you do. 

Daniel's Friends

Daniel's three friends were in danger of being cooked alive in a huge oven. They were in that danger because they were madly in love with God. They told the pagan king: "Hey king! We're not afraid of being baked alive in here. We're sure our God will rescue us. But even if he doesn't, we'd still be madly in love with HIM and never bow down to your idol!"

"Even if he doesn't save us!" What crazy love! They were really in love with God and not just used HIM to save themselves from the hellish oven. Are you like that? Only if you are God's flesh on earth can you do this. Jesus loved the Father even though he wasn't rescued from the cross. He was forsaken for a while, but he still believed the Father loved him and he continued with the relationship. Jesus didn't just use the Father. And that Jesus flesh alone can make us act and live like how Jesus did. Be Jesus' flesh on earth. Eat his flesh and drink his blood! You are what you eat!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Jesus

Paul talked about another Jesus to the Corinthians. Specifically, he said if he or any preacher should teach about another Jesus or another Gospel, a curse be on him or her. And many think today that Paul merely made a slight digression when he talked about it, not realizing that it was a prophecy. He was hinting on a real another Jesus coming to the church scene which the apostle John said was already active (spirit of anti-Christ) in their time and yet to be revealed in the last days--in our time, that is.

And today, they're worshiping that other Jesus in church. Roman Catholics worship a Jesus statue and one that seems to be inside their small rounded Eucharist cracker (and which born again Christians also use), others worship a distorted Jesus (mere human Jesus or a Jesus confined to a building or specific day of the week), while born again  churches worship a worse kind of other Jesus. They're all the another Jesus.

The one born again churches worship is worse because it is nearer in form and semblance with the real Jesus--my Jesus--in the bible whose LIFE is the genuine Gospel. A nearer Jesus-like other Jesus is most dangerous because it is apt to deceive more people, even the elect, if possible.

The Other Jesus

The other Jesus has stopped all kinds of disciplining and judgment. In fact, he prohibits judgment. He has watered down real holiness and teaches that in this world no one can be really holy--we're just humans and God accepts us as we are. The other Jesus urges the church to forget about perfection--no one can be perfect in this world and being born again does not make you perfect.


The real Jesus in the bible said stop judging by mere appearance and "make a right judgment." He advocates judging, and right judging particularly. He said don't judge so that no one judges you in return, but the context in which he said that was making hypocritical judgment. His solution was to take the plank of wood off your eyes first so you can take away the speck of dust from your brother's eye. 

You see, Jesus was saying, make sure you are not yourself guilty of sin before you judge your brother. Once you live in holiness (took off the plank of wood covering your eyes) then you can proceed to check any brother in church who sins. Paul said the same thing. You cannot judge anyone while you yourself are guilty of the same sin, or any sin for that matter. He also told the Corinthians that they should be able to judge small matters in church that required judgment. If they could not settle problems in church, how could they settle bigger problems? Didn't they know they'd judge angels and eventually the world? They should be able to judge those inside the church.

Many today make judgment look bad, knowing they themselves have no right to judge--because they are guilty of sin themselves, and refuse to repent. They promote against being judgmental, and that started powerlessness in church. You hear about all kinds of immorality and wickedness ion church today because of that, and they want to keep everything secret. They hide the fact. If you ask about the secret, they say you're a gossip. 

But my Jesus--the real Jesus--said expose sin in church publicly. If the sinner refuses to repent, go call 2 witnesses and face him. If he still refuses to repent, call the elders to face him. If that still doesn't work, "tell it to the church." If he still sins, treat him as an unbeliever. These are the words of the real Jesus Christ in the bible, my Jesus.

Do they do this in church today? NO. They even put sinners in position and even give him or her titles and degrees in their bible schools and seminars. They even become bible school presidents, professors, senior pastors, and district bishops. More so if the sinner is moneyed or has influence. These are those who worship another Jesus.

The real Jesus teaches about judgment, holiness, and perfection. Jesus said be holy like your Father in heaven is. Peter said be holy for God is holy. 

The Other Jesus

What Paul called another Jesus teaches about programs and activities that keep you busy in church. Most busy people in church are not Word seekers. They seek recognition. They thirst for it. That's how their denominations raised them up--to be greedy for recognition. And most church people just swallow what is given them in Sunday school and pastors' little sermons. Pastors preaching the Word is not bad, but church people just rely on that. Jesus said seek and you shall find. It's for everyone. Jesus never said, "Just listen to me." He urged them to seek for themselves the Word. 

The other Jesus is heavy on singing, musical instruments, and concerts. Worship is good, and I love to worship God--the right way. But even so-called "worshipers" today are weak in the Word. They have no depth in the Word. All they can feed people with are basic teachings like, "God loves you," and "God cares about you," and things to that effect. And that's all you hear in their concerts. 

The true Word of my Jesus says leave elementary teachings and go on to maturity, to solid food that strengthens the spirit and transforms you permanently to manifest God Himself in you. To be God's flesh on earth. They just want to sing nicely and be cheered by the audience. They want to get the credit for "moving the audience to worship God expressively."


The real Jesus is Himself the Word of God. He said without me, not one among you can do anything. Without the Word of God we cannot do anything, not even worship. True worship is manifesting the Word in our lives daily. Outside of that, any worship is idolatrous. 

The real Jesus did a ministry of nothing except declaring the Word and showing people the power of the Word. It was his LIFE. It was his character. There was no other activity or program. everything was spiritual and supernatural. Nothing was in a "church" program formulated by men. Jesus didn't "plant churches" as they plant churches today. He planted seeds of LIFE--he came that we may have LIFE abundantly, not lots of church buildings in every locality or street corner where different denominations compete against each other to amass membership. 

Only one verse in the Gospel said that Jesus and his disciples sang a hymn. The rest is all about the Word. That's the real Jesus. The church ought to go back to that and worship the real Jesus. As it is, the church is idolatrous big time,. especially born again churches. God was angry with pagan nations worshiping idols. But he was angrier, in fact wrathful, with Israel and Judah when they became idolatrous.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Empowered Suffering

We are called to suffer for the Gospel. Paul calls it "suffer," but really, God's Kingdom has a different vocabulary which often has meanings exactly opposite from how the world defines words and terms. Like suffer. Suffering for the Kingdom is always an empowered suffering.

"Join me in suffering for the (Life of Jesus) Gospel, by God's power," [2 Tim.1.8]. 

Suffering is Power!

Suffering means being empowered. The less you suffer in your Christian life, the less you are empowered. You ask God in prayer to take away all your hardships, the more powerless you become. This does not mean. however, that you ask God to pour you tons of problems. Remember Jesus' tip on prayer? "Don't lead us to temptation (or tests), but get us out of evil."

For sure, we will all get our share of hardships in life. But some would opt out and pray to be spared of every problem. Sometimes they get an answered prayer and think they're so blessed to have been spared of it. And the rest would look in envy and wonder why some church people are so "blessed" to have so few problems and easier lives, and they seem to get nothing in life but trials.

Wrong! People who encounter lesser problems and live easier lives are powerless. Don't envy them. God disciplines whom he loves. Well, of course, this does not apply if you suffer for a sin or disobedience. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking of suffering for righteousness sake like Jesus did.

And Paul said empowered suffering is for godliness, or being like God. In a deeper sense, being God's flesh or having God himself live your life on earth through Jesus manifesting in you 100 percent. "In fact, all who want to live like God one earth will be persecuted!" [2 Tim.3.12]. Real power from God can only come through the cross of Jesus. That's why he urged us to take up his cross daily and live like him.

Power does not come through positions, titles, degrees, activeness in church, church membership, church income and possessions, non-stop worships, overnight prayer meetings, or church planting--many of which are done by denominations--not for God's Kingdom--but to enlarge their own petty kingdoms, synagogues of Satan.

Prosperity Gospel

I believe in prosperity and wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous. This is being prepared in the last days for Kingdom advancement on earth. Some rich denominations claim their riches is a fulfillment of the prophesied wealth transfer in the bible. Far from truth! God's wealth transfer will be used for kingdom advancement, not for any church denominational advancement. The wealth they have come from solicitations and manipulations, worming their way into unsuspecting homes, having a "Gospel" front, and taking captive weak-willed women, says the bible, not from a "transfer" that is Holy Spirit driven. It's something supernatural, something like how God rained manna in Moses' time.

Wealth transfer is like a church suddenly getting million dollar checks from anonymous sources, and the anonymous sources have been touched by God and could not sleep unless they make and send the checks. No human effort. No solicitations or hardselling of your church or membership. The only "effort" the church exerts is allowing Jesus to live the lives of the members daily. 

Or, a church has a business or tent making activity (like how the Acts church sold their properties and their "goods") and suddenly their sales skyrocket! They can't explain it but demand for their products simply increases like crazy so that sales increase by millions daily.

And this will happen to churches whose hearts have been purified and cleansed by righteous suffering. Righteous suffering that seemed endless, but now finally ended because the heart has been molded to be Jesus' very heart. That's empowered suffering that makes sure God's money will be used for Kingdom advancement only, not to expand the kingdom (or church denominations) of men. 

Genuine Kingdom prosperity for the church will happen once each individual member of the church sees the folly of being rich in this world. As it is, many church people, even most pastors, still bow down to worldly riches. They want to be rich like rich non-believers--to enjoy luxury and boast of it, too. When you have given up everything, you start to own all things. Paul said, "All things are yours...and you are Christ's," [1 Cor.3.21]. That is predicated on Christ owning you 100 percent, when you have given up everything.

Rich Church

God's plan is for the true church to be rich, while its members become poorer in spirit as the church handles more wealth. No individual in church wants wealth for him or herself, but the church's wealth is all spent for Kingdom advancement, for tremendous spiritual empowerment, for building up the one, universal, spiritual glorious church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any blemish or denomination.

But all this does not come without suffering--empowered suffering, that is. Real power comes from the cross of Jesus, a stumbling block to the religious and churchy (Jews) and foolishness to the denominationally indoctrinated (Greeks).                                                     

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