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This Kid was All-Out for Jesus

A Supernatural, not Logical, Mind

The story went like this. Jesus and his disciples needed to feed 5,000 men (if we add the women and kids, they'd probably number more than 10 thousand).

Out there in the wilds, where would they find food to do this? And it would cost a lot, too much for their available budget to afford, if they decide to buy food for the attendees.

According to John, the Master tested his disciples---how would their minds see their situation? "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" he asked them. Who'd think logically like smart earthlings would and who'd think radically like Jesus? Well, they all used their earthly logic. Matthew tells us some disciples said the place they were in was too far and it was getting late. Jesus had better sent the crowd to the villages to buy food. Sounds proper.

John tells us how some thought it was too costly even for each one to have just one bite of food. It wasn't practical, in short.

But one lit…
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The Problem with Pastoral Movements and Alliances

It's good to meet together for fellowship. It's what Hebrews 10.25 tells us. But we should meet together for something that really fulfills God's will, not just meet together per se. A lot of pastoral get-togethers are meetings that really lead to nowhere.

I know that lots of ministers will get offended by this article. But that's how the prophets of old also declared truth---offending people with truth and even getting killed doing so. I know pastors have the best interests at heart for forming associations and alliances and meetings. But what do they really achieve? They say they do it so there would be unity in the body.

I have observed in a lot of pastoral meetings, remaining in the background so I can see the picture from the outside, and I always note that despite their "club" meetings they really remain disunited. For instance, there was this bible study among pastors of different denominations. They discussed on a passage that started well. But soon,…

Where was Jesus During the Wedding at Cana?

You know the story---there was a wedding at Cana and wine ran out. If you carefully study the passage, you'd see that Mary, Jesus and his disciples were somewhere near the servants when Mary urged Jesus about the shortage of wine. After Jesus told Mary, "Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come," we see Mary immediately talking with the servants. "Do whatever he tells you."

This means they stayed where the servants were. I'm sure we wouldn't find the servants sitting at one of the banquet tables reserved for guests, and definitely not at the presidential table. Where were the servants? Most probably in the kitchen, right? Or even in the "dirty" kitchen.

Here's another proof Jesus and his disciples and mother were in the kitchen. When Jesus was ready to turn water into wine, he told the servants to fill the six stone jars with water. Definitely, this scene could not be taking place in the main reception area where…

The Importance of Ministry Look-Alike in God's Kingdom

This is a vital principle in God's Kingdom---your ministry should look very much like the ministries God approved in the bible. Or more aptly, the ministries he himself ordained. All these ministries had one Kingdom DNA and therefore the same characteristics. They all looked the same in spirit, though they had their distinguishing marks, which were also provided and designed by God.

When people were asking about John the baptizer's ministry, note what they said:
They asked him, "Then who are you? Are you Elijah?" He said, "I am not." "Are you the Prophet?" He answered, "No." [John 1.21] John's ministry looked very much like the ministries of the prophets of old, particularly Elijah's. In another instance, Jesus told his audience that if they were willing to believe it, John was the "Elijah to come," [Matthew 11.14]. There is no exemption---if you claim to be doing God's work, your ministry should have the Kingdom D…

Here's Their Funny Idea about Christ's One Body. And They Never Found It Funny.

See this powerful bible passage? "There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all." [Ephesians 4]. But here's how some church folks corrupt it.

They think the passage is meant for their church denomination. They really believe "one body" means their church denomination with all their members united as one. And sadly, a lot of church denominations today think like this---they think their denomination is the "one body" the bible talks about. When they hear about "one body in Christ," they think it applies to their church denomination.
If this were so, then there would be "bodies" of Jesus Christ, each denomination being "one body." And I wonder why no one among them stops to think about what they are claiming to be. Does anybody know what they're talking about? How can thei…

What Happens If You're Stuck with Earthly Teachings?

You must grow spiritually in Christ, no doubt. No growth means no life. No life means no part in Christ, whatsoever. And Jesus said the main reason why someone would have no life in him is because he refuses to eat Jesus' flesh.
Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. [John 6.53] And what does it mean to "eat the flesh of the Son of Man"? The context is clear. It's about swallowing Jesus' radical teachings---like eating his flesh and drinking his blood. He taught them: "This bread is my flesh...whoever eats this bread lives forever." 
Then later he told them what it all meant: "Whoever eats me (or feeds on me) will live because of me." He even hinted on how he also "ate" the Father (he lived because of the Father). All this eating business proved too much for some of his disciples so they left him for good.
In other words, they were stuck to earthly teachings and could not comprehend …

The Only Rich Guy Jesus Approached

You seldom see Jesus approaching the rich in the Gospel. He took time to visit a dying servant (though he found her dead on his arrival) and personally visited Peter, James and John to invite them to be his disciples, but I don't remember him taking time to visit the rich or those in high positions.

In Luke, he said "Blessed are the poor" and in another instance he praised a poor widow who gave her last two small copper coins, while belittling the donations of the rich.

Except for one guy---Zacchaeus, I often wonder why Jesus stayed away from the rich. What did he see in Zacchaeus to invite himself to his house, even saying, "I must stay at your house today." Was it because Zacchaeus wanted to see him? But other rich people wanted to see him, too. Nicodemus wanted to see him, but Jesus never invited himself to his place.

I think it was Zacchaeus' death-defying tree-climb that prompted Jesus to want to stay at his place. Seriously. With his height, climbing…