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Fathering Your Family

I had written a blog here on True Fathers in Church and I thought of adding another blog on how to father your own family. Again, most fathers in church know nothing about fathering their families because all they know is on becoming a biological father. Most churches do not know anything about how fathers ought to father their families in the spiritual realms. Fathers are spiritual entry or exit points to their families. The devil cannot do anything to harm your family except what you, the father, allows him to. And your power to block the enemy's entry depends on the strength of your connection to the Father in heaven. Unless you tie up the strong man, you cannot (gain entry and) rob his house. Fathers are strong men--or at least they're supposed to be.  John said in his first letter (chapter 2): "I write to you fathers because you know God who is from the beginning." If you have such strong connections with the Father, then everything else follows---children who are…

Micah: God’s People—God’s Enemy

Micah warned God’s people about God’s plan.
We often think pleasantly about God’s plan. We claim to desire it so badly. But if we do things contrary to His ways, God’s plan will work against us. In fact, God plans destruction, not LIFE, once we go against His ways. “My Word does good to those whose ways are upright, right?” (Micah 2.7). God’s ways alone in Scripture are upright. All others, like denominationalism, are against His ways. Jesus desires all true believers to be completely united. How complete? As the Father and Son are one (Jn.17). Denominationalism works contrary to this.
Their Own Power
When God’s people work contrary to His ways, they become God’s enemies. “Lately, my people have risen up like an enemy,” (Micah 2.8) Why? Because they plan evil and carry it out in their own power (Micah 2.1). It happens automatically—you use your own ways, you use your own power. Human effort is zero in the spiritual realms. Everything has to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Even i…

Jehu Overkill: What Made Him Do It?

Jehu king of Israel obeyed the Word the Lord had spoken against the house of Ahab, said to be the worst king of Israel when Jehu was yet the king's chariot driver. Ahab's marriage to Jezebel had linked Israel to Baal worship and led to the downfall of Ahab. Jehu was anointed to eliminate everything of Ahab. But not the Jehu overkill.

God told Jehu to finish off Ahab's family to wipe out Baal worship in Israel. Elisha the prophet had sent a young prophet to anoint Jehu king and "destroy the house of Ahab" [2Kings 9]. He also killed all the Baal prophets of Jezebel and demolished the temple of Baal, reducing it to a mere toilet. But Jehu went further and killed even the associates and friends of Ahab. It was a disobedience.

"However, Jehu did not carefully keep the law of God, Israel's God, heartily--he didn't repent from Jeroboam's sin, which the latter made the whole of Israel to commit," [10.31]. Years later God punished the house of Jehu …

Turning the World Upside Down..Again!

In Acts 17, the radical believers of my Jesus almost turned the world upside down. Some interpreters would like to believe that they indeed turned the world upside down. Well, I think they their natural Jesus-self (it was Jesus really living in them, not them anymore) the world shuddered in unbelief, perplexity, and animosity, seeing the radical and extreme life of Jesus Christ in the church. And it went like a ravenous mad dog chasing after the believers.

Every time the world sees Jesus, it will react like a greedy mad dog. That's why harm and chaos come to the worldly church when it tries to "see" Jesus. We think that if worldly people see Jesus they would repent and be born again and everything would be nice and peaceful, with everybody worshiping God so beautifully. WRONG! Persecution will come. And that's how we know that God is in us and our midst, moving and turning the world upside down. When Jesus is genuinely seen in believers, right and wrong is e…

Regardless of Bible Version: What Matters is the LIFE

What Matters is the LIFE in You
Early in my Christian life, some guys told me that the kind of bible version I read was very important. It should be the correct and accepted version, the accurate one, and "correct" and "accurate" to them was the King James Version. Some other guys, smarter ones, urged me to make sure that I know the Hebrew and Greek versions of the bible. I had to find out the original meanings of words to get what the bible authors really meant. Later, God told me it was regardless of bible version. What matters is that you hear HIS voice.
All that is good--correct bible version and Greek and Hebrew. In fact I had some basics in Greek and Hebrew and consult them now and then. I also have my King James Version (KJV). But now, after almost 30 years in ministry, I know that they're not that important. You can live victoriously in Christ without them. In fact, sometimes, God will even rescue you from them so you can be well attuned to him. What do…

"That We May Present Each Believer Perfect in Christ"

Truth is so offensive that so many "Christian" churches today either hide it or water it down. I'm tired of hearing church people say that we cannot be perfect or being born again does not make you perfect. And yet countless times in Scriptures God points me to his Word powerfully stressing perfection in Christ.
In fact, genuine ministry, according to the bible, is a Jesus-discipleship that aims to present each believer "perfect in Christ." Now, church smart alecks (who are really fools) would counter that and say we cannot take that literally and we have to know proper systematic interpretation of Scriptures, and other such baloney. 
Paul was clear when he stressed to the Colossian church that he labored to present each one PERFECT IN CHRIST [Col.1.28], and that he did this using NOT his own efforts but Jesus' efforts (struggling with all God's or Jesus' energy} which he claimed so powerfully worked in him. The reason churches today cannot attain p…